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2.5/2.75/3.0MW Series Wind Turbine Generator


SCD (Super Compact Drive) ultra Compact wind turbines, developed jointly by aerodyn MingYang wind and Germany company, its transmission chain is composed of main bearing, the poles of planetary gear and medium speed generator, with light weight, small volume and weight the advantages of low cost, high efficiency.



Light weight——This is the most distinguishing feature of SCD wind turbines, advantage is more pronounced on the offshore wind farm.
High reliability——Using half a direct-drive technology of medium speed permanent magnet synchronous generator.
Good sealing——For air separation processing machinery and hub.
Compact structure——Combined with the traditional model of doubly-fed and direct drive type transmission chain advantage layout of the unit.
Wind turbines——Two blade design is the core of SCD technology, through the blade aerodynamic optimization design, reduces the load of wind turbines transfer.
The main bearing and gear box——Adopt double row taper roller bearings, wheel load to the transmission chain support structure.
Generator, inverter——Permanent magnet synchronous generator stator installation within the generator shell, equipped with special cold system.



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