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2.5/2.75/3.0MW Series Wind Turbine Generator

SCD (Super Compact Drive) wind turbine generator set is developed by the cooperation of Ming Yang and Germany Aerodyn. Its driving chain consists of the main bearing, bipolar planet gears and a moderate speed generator, featuring light weight, compact volume, low cost and high efficiency.



Light weight-the most prominent feature of SCD wind turbine generator set, which will show more marked advantage on offshore wind farms.
High reliability-semi-direct driving technology of magneto synchronous generators is taken.
Good tightness-air insulation is made for the cabins and hubs.
Compact structure-the advantages of the arrangement of driving chain in traditional double fed and direct drive generator sets are adopted.
Wind wheel-the two-blade design is the core of SCD technology. The optimal pneumatic design of blades reduces the transmitted load of wind wheels.
Main bearing and gear box-tow-row tapered roller bearings are used to transfer wind wheel's load to the bracing structure of driving chains.
Generator, frequency converter- the stators of magneto synchronous generators are fixed in generator casings, which are furnished with special cooling systems.


5.0/6.0SCD wind turbines are about to roll off the production line, and 12.0MW SCD wind turbines are on the way.

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