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SCADA System

SCADA system is a type of remote monitoring software which is independently developed by Ming Yang. Remote logging into the software can attain remote access of wind power plant's communications to generator sets, thus to realize monitoring, query, call of some data and generation of relevant reports. This is convenient for customers to learn the operation of on-site wind turbines and relevant equipment at remote terminals.


The company now has a total of 62 wind farms whose data gets access to SCADA system. Wind farms equipped with SCADA system cover 16 provinces, cities and regions, that is, 2,996 sets of 1.5MW wind turbines, with total capacity of 4,497MW.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring makes it possible to impose real-time monitoring on the operation of each wind turbine at wind farms that have gotten access to the remote monitoring room, for example, the operation of all wind turbines at Hainan Dongfang Wind Farm.


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