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Omnibearing service supporting capacity

A powerful customer service system aiming at "bettering customer satisfaction" was set up to pay attention to customer's needs in a prompt and all-around way. Then we provide comprehensive, professional and swift service to improve customer satisfaction. The services are mainly as follows:
1.Technical training service of wind turbines;
2.Transportation of wind turbines;
3.Technical guidance on installation of wind turbines and their installation acceptance;
4.Debugging service of wind generating sets;
5.Technical service of fault diagnosis and trouble clearing of wind generating sets;
6.Supply of spare parts for sets' operation.


Service Standard

1.Service personnel will state the site to provide 24-hour all-around service in quality guarantee period;
2.Beyond quality guarantee period, service personnel will be on site in 12 hours when necessary;
3.Common spare parts delivered to the place within 12 hours, special ones within 36 hours;
4.Common faults will be rectified within 4 hours, while the special ones within 12-72 hours;
5.7/24 real-time monitoring for all wind turbines operation in quality guarantee period;
6.Lifetime technology upgrading will be provided for products.



Micro-sitting is made at design phase. According to the wind resource map of wind farms and every restrictive condition, the sites of wind turbines will be identified to meet requirements of proprietors and relevant authorities, thus enriching wind farms with better economic benefits. With professional experience and technology, we ensure our customers a wide range of services:


The sites of wind turbines may be finely adjusted in accordance with geomorphological features to ensure the best operation mode;


Downtime of wind turbines may be minimized;

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