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Title: Smart Energy Benefits Mankind
In Zhongshan, Guangdong, hometown of Dr. Sun Zhongshan, the great forerunner of China is democratic revolution, there is a world-renowned researcher, developer, producer, investor and operator of clean energy and relevant equipment company--Mingyang Smart Energy Group.

In 1993, inspired by Deng Xiaoping’s speeches made during his tour in south China, Mr. Zhang Chuanwei, the founder of Mingyang Group, came to Guangdong along with 6 partners and started the business with the start-up capital of less than RMB 10,000. After 20 years of great efforts and three industrial upgrades, Mingyang now is an international group in the new energy industry, the assets being over RMB 30 billion and the employees nearly 10,000.

As a leader in clean energy sector, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group is carrying out revolutionary innovation in strategic guidance, R & D of big wind turbine generator (WTG) technology, offshore engineering, capital, business modes, talent management. By doing so,Ming Yang Smart Energy Group is perparing itself for the fourth industry upgrade from production orientated manufacturing to service orientated manufacturing,including “high-end manufacturing of wind and PV power generation,the storage systems” and other related financial service such as “ EPC+F” solution.


High-end manufacturing
Mingyang is producing world-class new energy products, such as wind and PV power generation and storage. With the proprietary core technologies, we created the world-class typhoon-, highland- and sea-specific WTGs, 1.5~2.0 MW Doubly-Fed and 3.0~7.0 MW MySE hybrid Drive productions, and provided the lifecycle-based management, aiming at the high generating capacity, high availability and low LCOE. Mingyang has become the only independent researcher, developer and manufacturer of generators, gearboxes, blades and three electronic control systems in the whole industry.
The "Big WTGs" plan. The last 8 years has witnessed Mingyang lead forward to build a lean manufacturing system and a big data and smart wind farm assets management platform, finally, the MySE hybrid drive typhoon-resistance offshore WTG was born. With the world-leading resistance to typhoon and economic efficiency, this WTG has won the Silver Medal for Global Best Offshore Wind Turbines and the A-Grade Design Certificate at China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition. In August 2017, when the Super Typhoon Hato hit Guishan Offshore Wind Farm in Zhuhai at a speed of 66.9 m/s, the 33 Mingyang WTGs towers remained untouched, with the power generation gain by 80%. In December 2017, the super-big MySE 7.0 MW hybrid drive is widely accepted as the top choice for typhoon-resistance WTG. Moreover, Mingyang has already launched the research and product development on 10 MW offshore WTGs and the carbon/glass fiber blade project. All these efforts will continue making Mingyang as the leader of the industry.
Aming to become a global company in clean energy, Mingyang has established a joint venture company with Reliance Industries and set up its Eastern Europe Branch in Bulgaria. In November 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Romanian Prime Minister Ponta witnessed Mingyang signing an agreement on the 200 MW Wind Power Project with Romania. In March 2017, 33 Mingyang WTGs for 49.5 MW Dawood Project in Pakistan were connected to the grid.

Mingyang engages the international top-tier scientific research team from Stanford University and independently developed China is first world-class new-generation production line for NanoCdTe solar cells. By now Mingyang has planned 10 lines in Guangdong, Henan, Inner Mongolia, etc., and plans to reach the production capacity of 1,000 MW within 3 years. The NanoCdTe solar cells produced by Mingyang have obvious advantages such as weak light absorption, high conversion efficiency and low cost. They are widely used in all kinds of solar power plants, buildings and portable products. The first CdTe distributed PV power generation project for poverty alleviation, i.e. PV Power Generation Project for Poverty Alleviation in Hongli Village, Shixing County, Shaoguan City, was put into service in 2016.

Besides, Mingyang has also introduced the latest aluminum cell storage technology from the United States, and will finish the pilot test in 2018 before commercial production.

Mingyang is another high-end business is the compatible space solar cells and satellite power systems. Depending on the industry-university-research-application platform, Mingyang has established partnerships with scientific research institutions, such as the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and South China University of Technology. Specially speaking, it has acquired proprietary technologies, and developed internationally top 5-junction space solar cells with the efficiency up to 34%; moreover, its several types of space solar cells have been put into mass production, which indicates that China has broken the monopoly of foreign companies in this field, and its special-purpose epitaxial materials on space solar cells for the Tiangong program and Mars program have already been put into use.

Energy service
Mingyang aims to be the enterprise, that includes development, construction, engineering, O&M, life-cycle value creation and integrated solution in the areas such as wind farms, photovoltaic power plants, wind and PV power generation as well as the storage integration projects. Based on big data, cloud platforms and the Internet, Mingyang provides optimum solutions to the effective use of wind and solar resources by designing power plants as per the optimum equipment scheme and developing customized equipment according to resource characteristics. In 2018, Mingyang’s grid-integration projects in progress have reached a capacity of 1 million kW, which is estimated to be 3 million kW in 2020. Hongtu Jingzi Wind Farm in Hexigten Banner, which is self-supported by Mingyang, was integrated to bulk grid in April 2017; with 17 customized MySE wind turbine generators, the wind farm had generated power of over 100 million kWh by the end of 2017, which has made it included into Top Ten Wind Farms of China.

As an active doer in power distribution, sale and smart microgrid service, Mingyang’s Biandong Industrial Park in Kaifeng, Henan has been listed into the “second batch of pilot units for incremental distribution networks”. Besides, Mingyang has been qualified for and carried out power sale in Guangdong, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu. The power trade volume will be 4.1 billion kWh in 2018 and 20 billion kWh in 2020. Mingyang has achieved the power supply coordination among multiple energies, like wind power, PV power, stored energy, heat energy, and contributed greatly with its exploration for an era when everyone is a producer and customer of new energy.

Financial capital
Mingyang vigorously implements industry-finance integration, and accelerates the building of financial capital as a backbone to create a financial capital platform centering downstream business investment, share and debt financing, financial innovation and industry acquisition. Mingyang has set up a financial leasing company with partners including Utrust, Now it is preparing for the establishment of Guangdong Offshore Wind Power Equipment Industry Fund and a finance company. By doing so, it achieves financialization of its products and product ranges and securitization of its assets, which secures the capabilities of product R&D, EPC and EMC construction and gives a great thrust to the development of high-end manufacturing and energy service.

Mingyang has a strong base of talent and technology. Through continuous inclusion of top talents and extensive international technical exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation, Mingyang has already established a national enterprise technical center and a national-local joint engineering laboratory as well as 2 post-doctoral research centers in Guangdong and Tianjin, with the average annual R&D investment over 5% of its total revenue, a national superior enterprise with intellectual property rights. It also has an innovation platform of “one headquarters + five centers”, the Zhongshan headquarters leading in resource integration, technology incubation, key technological breakthroughs in industrialization and product testing, the five R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Hamburg, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen take charge of the most cutting-edge technical innovation and R&D for super storage cells, CdTe thin-film solar cells, high-power offshore wind power generators, smart energy systems, etc.

Mingyang has launched the “double 100 billion” development strategy, a full play of the pioneering role of Mingyang in China as a world’s leading provider of integrated clean energy solution. With the faith on “customer first”, the top priority is given to innovation and energy service, intelligent manufacturing and industry-finance integration.Mingyang strives for a smooth transformation from production orientated manufacturing to service orientated manufacturing.Finally, Mingyang will spread the benefit of clean energy and the smart energy system over the world!

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