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Develop green energy to benefit human society.

We cherish the limited resources on which we rely to attain development and progress, and defend our beautiful homeland on which human beings depend to live. We are dedicated to developing renewable green and clean energy to make the sky more azure, hills more verdant and water clearer and benefit later generations. We make unremitting efforts to advance human civilization and progress and ensure harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


Every 500 sets of 1.5MW wind turbines of 750,000 installed capacities we produce and put into operation can meet the annual power consumption of a medium-sized city, save standard coal worth about RMB600 million and reduce 1.5million tons of emissions of carbon dioxide, which corresponds to creating a forest of 1800km2.


To operate with sincerity and to serve the country by industry

Ming Yang sticks to and fulfills social and civic responsibilities. We, in constant growth and expansion, remain committed to honest tax payment to repay back society and positive participation in public service activities of glorious causes, especially support for our motherland's education. Since 2000, we have made donations to setting up of Gushi County "Hope Project" of Henan and Luhe Duimen Elementary School of Shanwei City, donations to such educational foundations as Guangdong Women's and Children's Foundations, Ethnic Minority Education Scholarships Fund of Central University for Nationalities, Zhongshan Municipal Educational Foundations, Zhongshan No. 1 Middle School Teaching Scholarships, wining recognition of governments at all levels and praise of various circles of society.


Following the serious natural disasters such as Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake and Jilin flood-waterlog disaster, Ming Yang promptly mobilized its staff to make donations to the people in affected areas, showing its sense of community as a private enterprise.


As Ming Yang gets bigger and stronger, it will make greater contributions to society and the state.


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