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Core Value of Ming Yang
"Vigorous" is the foundation of Ming Yang, the root of its culture and the soul of its image.
"Vigorous" is the motive power of Ming Yang, Ming Yang people and knowledge. It is derived from the booming and strong desire in Ming Yang's sustainable economic survival and the wish for realizing the value of both the company and individuals.

Such vigorous idea and vigorous spirit therefore combine together to form a powerful, radioactive and well-prepared energy, full of passion and creativity and showing high-level subjective initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of excellence, which finally becomes a dynamic and ceaseless corporate culture.

Ming Yang's Vision
·To be a world's top turbine manufacturer and supplier of integrated solutions of clean energy
·To be the leader in China's new energy and energy-saving equipment industries whose resources have the most powerful
  development strength, products have the greatest competitive power and brand has the strongest influence power.
·To create an internationally well-known brand which is responsible, honest, dignified and respected.

  Talent Concept

  Bring into full play each one's ability to the limit

  Service theory
  Vigorous service delights customers.

  Quality Concept
  A screw decides a company's value.
  Use sincerity to create Ming Yang brand characteristic of outstanding quality


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